From 3 Cs to Good Fortune; Reimaging a Brand

HOLLAND.’s CreativeCollaborator™ Partnerships Reimagined a Film Production Company’s Brand to Match the Caliber of Talent Behind the Lens


The Creative Obstacle:

Local production company C3 Films booked a HOLLAND. CreativeCollaborator™ session with hopes of developing ideas for marketing and client outreach. The company had reached a plateau stage in its growth and sought to expand its overall impact by growing it’s client list and diversifying their projects and income stream. A quick review of the company’s branding, website, and other marketing materials during our session revealed a common issue that MOST businesses face. C3 Films had created a brand that in trying to be relevant to everyone instead felt generic and disconnected from the differentiators that makes their vision one-of-a-kind. To compete in the growing market of video production and editing, the HOLLAND. team quickly turned our creative support to the task of developing key branding (name and website included) that would rise to meet the team’s caliber of personality and talents while helping them find their perfect client! 

The Collaborative Concept:

Branding begins with understanding the nuances of the people you are targeting with your message. To start the approach of developing a new brand look and feel, we began with identifying and crafting a plan for target audience analysis. Once we understood who they were talking to, we started to develop what they wanted to say! Our CreativeCollaborator™ session prioritized outlining a brand revamp while reimagining the vision and voice of this young and dynamic team. Together, we conceived a new website layout and design and an overhaul of outbound communications materials including social media — all in line with the rebrand. In addition, we crafted a strategic campaign designed to build new agency partnerships aligned with their core values and mission. 


On a final note, agency principal, Holland Sanders, encouraged the team to rethink their name and dream up a moniker that better reflected the diversity and strength of the company.


The CreativeCollaborator™ Impact:

After our consulting session, the C3 team immediately got to work and quickly integrated the creative ideas into their business and infused their brand with a fresh and more authentic voice to their core business mission and vision. The team followed through on a name change, and Fortune Cat Films was born! Additionally, as the company began to reimagine the website, they reengaged HOLLAND. for input and guidance with copy and language integration. With our support, Fortune Cat Films transformed their brand’s most important asset, a website, into a dynamic tool that Cuts Through the Chaos and highlights what sets them apart in the videography landscape.