Who We Are.

HOLLAND. is a boutique public relations and strategic communications agency based in North Texas. Our team is driven by the belief that innovative strategies and authentic stories have the power to instigate profound and meaningful shifts in consumers’ attitudes.

The women of HOLLAND collective harness their expertise, intuition, and passion to propel the vision and influence of each client, continuously evolving the very fabric of PR to stay ahead in this ever-evolving world.

What We Believe.

PR is about generating passion, not responding to crisis.

Proactive PR is about generating passion and connection, not responding to crisis.

In the modern marketplace, brands thrive by creating a sincere and direct connection with their audience. People connect to a brand’s vision, culture, and conscience – do they know yours?

HOLLAND is where strategic knowhow and a cultural anthropology lens converge. From the experiential and lifestyle to culinary concept, hotels, and visual and performing arts, we create a people-centered approach to publicity and communications strategy, combining our expertise to craft custom solutions, tailored fit to meet the needs of each unique project.

Conversation is the ultimate communications strategy.

Traditional advertising and crisis management are no longer enough on their own. Manipulation and spin are easily stopped and swiftly ignored. To move their audience to action, brands have to do one thing well: lead the conversation.

Leading the conversation means taking an intentional and thoughtful approach when introducing your business to audiences. A conversational communications & PR strategy moves past the passive promotion of product and establishes trust.

We believe in generating awareness and impact by crafting deep and meaningful stories through multi-touchpoint press strategies that build upon one another to go beyond merely highlighting the work of our clients and instead create a movement. Our goal is to generate a ripple effect of awareness and admiration to ensure you exist in the mind of your target audience as an innovator and trendsetter who truly cares about improving their life.

How We Prove Value.

Grow your impact. Shrink your investment.

When businesses invest in marketing and advertising, they expect a return, especially on any media placement expenses. If they purchase ad space on television, digitally, or in a publication, they expect to earn back more than they spent. While that is still an important use of advertising budget for those who can afford it, the new media landscape of two-way communication has weakened the effectiveness of traditional ads, and savvy businesses are starting to shift their dollars into communications platforms that do more than sell. They are investing in efforts that create brand affinity and real connection.

The ROI of earned media.

We use the same tried & true methods of calculating advertising ROI to arrive at the value of our earned media. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the most ink or pixels for the least amount of money, so we translate exposure into its equivalent paid cost.

Let’s say a full-page ad in your target publication costs $5,000 plus agency fees. But, our team can land you a feature that spans three pages, with no ad buy expenses. That’s $15,000 of brand-building value with no investment beyond what you pay your agency.

HOLLAND uses a media calculator where we take existing rate evaluations for paid media and apply them to earned media. The value for coveted glossy or online space is the same whether you pay for it or earn it. One just creates a real story with mission and people at its core and the other is about the sell.