Community Frontline Makes Essential Team Additions on Both Local and City Level Aiding the Amplification of Voices from Underserved Communities Across the City

February 2, 2022

Community Frontline Makes Essential Team Additions on Both Local and City Level Aiding the Amplification of Voices from Underserved Communities Across the City

Fort Worth Organization Announces Major Hires Dedicated to Advancing Racial, Social, and Economic Justice and Equity in North Texas

Fort Worth, TX (February 2, 2022) — Community Frontline, the Fort Worth-based non-profit organization dedicated to racial justice through grassroots community programming, announced the official hire of two newly created positions; Rickie Clark as Racial Equity Coordinator and Elijah Strong as Business and Economics Coordinator. Building upon the success of Community Frontline’s work designed to bridge gaps and aid the community they serve, these positions will work across racial lines to drive towards the same goal — to guide the community towards a more equitable future for all.

Community Frontline’s leadership expansion aims to uplift and reinforce two of the organization’s four key pillars — Race Relations and City Beautification and Development. This growth allows the organization to continue its core aim to inspire all residents to advocate for themselves and become more involved in the city’s journey towards racial equity.

Rickie Clark joins Community Frontline as the organization's new Racial Equity Coordinator.
Rickie Clark | Racial Equity Coordinator

When asked about the new position and the selection of Rickie Clark as Racial Equity Coordinator, Community Frontline Executive Director/Co-Founder Quinton Phillips said, “Rickie Clark is a perfect fit for this position, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have the ability to bring him on in an official capacity. Rickie has been an educator and mentor to many in the community and many of us within the organization. He’s been at the forefront of racial unity and justice for many years, and we know he’ll be crucial in developing strong relationships across the city.”

Rickie Clark brings over 30 years of experience and commitment to the betterment and uplifting of underserved communities. He is an educational consultant, public speaker, author, and Executive Director of the Fort Worth Independent School District’s My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) — a program that former President Barack Obama launched in 2014.

His mentorship has touched the lives of many young men of color in Fort Worth and across the country, aiding them in establishing self-development and cultural awareness. His unique and expert-level approach will prove vital as Community Frontline continues its commitment to serving as a community voice to advocate and partner alongside other service organizations and citywide efforts towards creating a culturally responsive community for all. 

The Racial Equity Coordinator will help eliminate racial biases, discriminatory practices, and bigotry in economic/city development, hiring practices, and police/community relations by working as an accountability partner to advance racial equity in the city of Fort Worth. Through this position, Community Frontline seeks to continue its aim to build transparency and accountability between residents, businesses, Fort Worth City leadership, and the Fort Worth Police Department – becoming an asset and an accountability partner for advancing racial equity and inclusion across the city.

When asked about joining the growing organization, newly hired, Racial Equity Coordinator Rickie Clark said, “There is a famous quote; Go to the people, live amongst them, learn with them, plan with them, start with what they have and build on what they know. I feel like this has been the philosophy of Community Frontline. I am excited to do my part to apply these principles and to ensure inclusivity for all in Fort Worth.”

During this phase of growth, the organization’s second hire, Elijah Strong, will oversee an emerging arm of the organization – business and economics development, which will fall under one of the organization’s key pillars; City Beautification and Development. As a Business and Economic Coordinator, he will provide education to community members and emerging entrepreneurs from marginalized neighborhoods in launching, establishing, and growing their businesses.

Community Frontline will also advocate for fair and equitable development in underserved neighborhoods through this position. As the city continues to grow, Community Frontline believes it must play a role in ensuring its growth creates a positive impact for underserved communities.

Elijah Strong | Business and Economic Coordinator

The organization’s leadership is invested in building bridges and creating spaces where people can have uncomfortable conversations, leading to a deeper awareness and understanding while moving the community forward in developing tangible and meaningful equity.

The Race Relations Coordinator and Business and Economics Coordinator positions come during a time of growth and intentional investment at the neighborhood and city level – including a new headquarters, a newly built community library, and more. Community Frontline will continue mobilizing residents to uplift their neighborhoods through education, mentorship, advocacy, accountability, and economic development. To stay up to date on Community Frontlines forums, community activations, and new announcements, follow the organization on Facebook and Instagram.

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Community Frontline was formed by a group of friends in 2016 in the aftermath of a violent summer that included the murders of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and other unarmed black men, as well as five Dallas police officers. We wanted to be a part of the solution and to initiate a long-term commitment to racial justice and healing. We focus on four pillars: (1) racial justice and solidarity, (2) police/community relations and accountability, (3) mentoring and education, and (4) community beautification and development.


Rickie Clark has a special skill set for his distinctive approach and a passion for helping underserved communities. Rickie is a highly sought-after motivational speaker for universities and culturally diverse groups, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)s; community organizations, Boys & Girls Clubs, Juvenile Justice Departments; also, community organizations, faith-based and grass-root organizations. He is an Educational Consultant, Author and the Executive Director of the Fort Worth Independent School District’s My Brother’s Keeper program; initiated by former President Barack Obama in 2014. He is a dynamic and influential motivator who uses a unique approach as he works with young men of color. That approach has proven successful through his Strategies to Elevate People (STEP) program. Clark travels throughout the United States designing, implementing and coordinating programs that aid youth through self-development and cultural education.


Elijah Strong is a seasoned and well-respected Entrepreneur, who is a native of Fort Worth currently studying Mass Communications at the historic campus of Wiley College.  He has worked in the marketing and advertising field for five years.  Elijah started his career as an CEO of a digital marketing and advertising company specializing in website development and strategic social media growth through content development. Spanning the spectrum of professional communication, he continues to enjoy a great rapport with his involvement in community advocacy, political campaign consultancy, and company research. Elijah graciously serves his community through his involvement on the Dak Prescott Faith, Fight, Finish foundation, a current member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and volunteering at local schools.