Amphibian Stage Goes Beyond Theatrics to Offer Audiences a Real Life Opportunity to Explore Taboo Topics in ‘The Desire Discussions’

February 1, 2022

Amphibian Stage Goes Beyond Theatrics to Offer Audiences a Real Life Opportunity to Explore Taboo Topics in ‘The Desire Discussions’

Velvet Box Partners with Amphibian Stage for a Special Sex Education Conversation to Create a Safe Space for Audiences to Ask their Burning Questions about Desire and Pleasure

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, Texas (February 1, 2022)Amphibian Stage announced today a special partnership with Velvet Box that will bring to life a conversation series led by the company’s Human Sexuality Educator Dr. Celeste Holbrook to explore audiences’ burning questions about desire, pleasure, and sex.

This unique collaboration will accompany The Pleasure Trial’s Sunday matinee performances post curtain call in the Amphibian Stage theater throughout February. Audiences will be invited to anonymously participate in the conversation by submitting their questions on notecards in the theater lobby before each Sunday performance. After the final curtain, Dr. Holbrook will take the stage and answer the questions in the hopes of providing more knowledge and encouraging confidence about one’s own ability to find connection and pleasure in sex.

The Pleasure Trials at Amphibian Stage
The Pleasure Trials Cast Members – Shyama Nithiananda, Sky Williams, Kelsey Milbourn, Megan Haratine. Photo Credit: Amphibian Stage

When asked about the partnership, Dr. Holbrook said, “I’m thrilled that we are providing a space for women to have real, honest discussions about pleasure and sex.  When we have a safe place to feel more empowered and educated about our most vulnerable parts of our lives, like sex, it helps us grow more confident and empowered in many other parts of our lives.  It’s like we have taken the fun, friendly sex education of being inside a Velvet Box and brought it straight to the theater.”

As a company dedicated to breaking down the stigma’s surrounding desire and sex while empowering people to discover their passion and stop feeling disconnected from themselves and their partners, Velvet Box is the perfect partner to complement the world premiere production and its theme of women searching for answers and support in the chaos of the demands of life.

 The Pleasure Trials is an honest and important work that lifts the veil on the private and intimate desires of women and their partners through the lens of the female perspective and voice. This partnership seeks to provide the same empowering and exciting conversations for women, their partners, and anyone else who is seeking a safe space to encourage conversation and understanding about the depths of their desires. 

As an added bonus, Velvet Box isn’t just treating Sunday audience members. They are also gifting every ticket buyer through the entire production run to a complimentary $10 gift certificate with their show ticket!

The Pleasure Trials: Desire Discussions 

Presented by Velvet Box + Amphibian Stage 

Join Velvet Box’s sex educator Dr. Celeste Holbrook after Sunday’s show to continue conversations about sex, desire and pleasure.  Topic themes by week include: 

Feb 13: The Anatomy of Pleasure  – The unique experience of pleasure for women.

Feb 20: The Keys of Desire – Learning to unlock desire and arousal. 

Feb 27: How Much Sex Should We Be Having? – What really matters when it comes to sex frequency.

For more information, or to set up interviews with Amphibian Stage Leadership or Dr. Celeste Holbrook, contact Holland Sanders at

The Pleasure Trials – February 11 – 27, 2022


Director: Kara-Lynn Vaeni
The mainstage season kicks off with a Lone Star crafted world premiere of The Pleasure Trials by Texas playwright Sarah Saltwick. This hilarious and deeply human play follows two women conducting clinical trials on a new female libido enhancement drug. When Rachel and Callie launch the trial, willing participants come out of the woodwork looking for an internal revolution. Quickly after the first dose, the effectiveness of the medicine is undeniable, but the overwhelming pressure for its success may corrupt the experiment and everyone involved. The Pleasure Trials is an insightful and entertaining examination of women, sexual desire, and the burden of meeting expectations.